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Last Updated: October 19th, 2021
Participating County 2022 Regular Assessment Appeals 2021 Added/Omitted Assessment Appeals
Start Date** End Date* Click To View Start Date** End Date Click to View
Monmouth 11/19/2021 1/17/2022 Appeal Guide
Hearing Summary
Truth in Testimony "Oath"
COVID-19 Self Assessment
Virtual Hearing Instructions
Virtual Hearing Schedule
11/1/2021 12/1/2021 Appeal Guide
Hudson 2/8/2022 4/1/2022 Appeal Guide
Union 2/8/2022 4/1/2022 Appeal Guide
Truth in Testimony "Oath"

Important System Notes:

**Start date is subject to Change.

*Monmouth County Filing Deadline for 2022 Regular Assessment Appeals is January 17th, 2022. For all other Counties, the filing deadline for 2022   Regular Assessment Appeals is April 1st, 2022

*For revaluation and reassessment towns in all counties, other than Monmouth, the 2022 Regular Assessment Appeal filing deadline is May 2nd, 2022. Check   with your County Tax Board to confirm applicable towns.

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